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Monday, May 20, 2024

UST Tiger Sands win-loss against NU Bulldogs

2 min readThe Tiger Sands now have a 6-1 standing in both divisions, with the women’s squad at the top spot while the men’s team trail behind the top-seeded Bulldogs at 7-0.
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Published 6 months ago on November 26, 2023

by Adriann R. Ancheta


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The UST Women’s Tiger Sands extended their winning streak to improve to a 6-1 record, while the Men’s Tiger Sands absorbed their first loss of the tournament on Saturday, Nov. 25, at the SM By The Bay.

The NU Bulldogs proved to be the more dominant top seed, sweeping the Tiger Sands, 20-22, 17-21, and staining their tournament standing to 6-1.

In the first set, UST kept it close against NU, with both teams trading points, keeping the game tied at 20, but Tiger Sands’ Varga and Gupiteo yielded two crucial errors, handing the opener to NU 22-20.

The Men’s Tiger Sands went toe-to-toe with the Bulldogs once more in the second set with 10 consecutive deadlocks, but the Bulldogs edged out the Tigers midway, breaking through their deadlock 14-19 in the latter minutes.

Varga and Gupiteo didn’t let up, rallying for three consecutive points, inching to the Bulldogs, 17-19, before a timeout.

Bulldogs Buytrago shut down the Tiger Sands's catchup hopes, ending the game, 17-21.

Meanwhile, in the women’s division, UST's Sofiah Pagara and Gen Eslapor upended the Lady Bulldogs’ six-game win streak on straight sets, 21-19, 21-16, while solidifying their tournament top spot.

The Tiger Sands led comfortably early on at 15-11 until the Lady Bulldogs' Kly Orillaneda fired consecutive points to tie the game 16 all.

Unfortunately for NU, the Female Tiger Sands upped the ante, giving only three points since the deadlock, with UST taking the set courtesy of Gen Eslapor’s quick attack, 21-19.

The Lady Bulldogs and Tiger Sands started the second set on equal footing as both squads exchanged hits early on.

The Tiger Sands took hold of a comfortable 4-point lead at 5-1 in the opening minutes but was quickly tied by the Lady Bulldogs.

UST found its groove off numerous errors from NU to gain a 15-13 edge midway of the set.

The Lady Bulldogs chipped in three hits for the lead, 15-16, but the Tiger Sands gained their touch, capping the Lady Bulldogs’ scoring as Eslapor dealt the game-ending crosscourt hit, 21-16.

The Tiger Sands now have a 6-1 standing in both divisions, with the women’s squad at the top spot while the men’s team trail behind the top-seeded Bulldogs at 7-0.

The Female Tiger Sands are set to play against FEU, who handed their first loss, while their male counterparts face the tournament’s third seed on Nov. 28 at the same venue.


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