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Monday, June 24, 2024

Ethics Statement

TomasinoWeb values editorial independence, press freedom, and journalistic integrity—and it has striven to operate under an ethics policy that ensures these values. All of our members are required to abide by the following guidelines.


We highly value our independence as an asset that allows us to serve only the interests of the student body—the organization's main stakeholders—through uncompromised multimedia journalism.

As a student-run organization and media outfit, TomasinoWeb strongly believes in ensuring that editorial decision-making processes are safeguarded from commercial interests, and to a certain extent, independent of the interests of the University administration: As such, our editorial position does not necessarily reflect the views and position of the University.

Furthermore, the following are the core guidelines in our code of conduct:

  • We do not accept preconditions for a coverage.
  • We do not preview or approve interview questions to our story subjects, nor do we allow them to review our stories before publishing.
  • We do not allow reporters to cover individuals or organizations where they are involved in personal conflicts of interest.
  • We publicly disclose any form of paid endorsement and content, but maintain independent assessments.
  • We do not pay to advertise or sponsor our own content.

The roles of non-student agents such as faculty and organization advisers are also limited to technical guidance, as per the provisions of the Campus Journalism Act of 1991. They are not allowed to directly interfere in editorial decisions and organizational affairs without our consent.

Nonetheless, under the same law, TomasinoWeb is still subject to pertinent laws and University policies as a recognized student organization.


Members of TomasinoWeb are also expected to observe professional conduct and industry-standard ethics, both online and offline.

Individual views and opinions expressed by our members online and offline do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of TomasinoWeb and the University.

We base our guidelines on professional conduct on the code of ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists.


TomasinoWeb strives to be accurate in our reporting and content, but in inevitable cases of errors, inaccurate information discovered in a story are promptly removed or rectified by our editors, with an editor’s note added at the bottom of the story to explain the error. In non-textual content such as videos, the piece is removed with a version where the error is omitted.

Details on stories, especially on developing stories, may become available over time that may continue the narrative or  change elements of the original story, but is not a rectification. These changes will be indicated at the beginning of the story, making the date and time the story was updated, and, in some cases, an editor’s note at the bottom of the story explaining the changes.

Additionally, we may remove content that infringes on intellectual property rights, or a breach of pertinent laws and regulations. 

Alternatively, readers may read TomasinoWeb's corrections articles released at the last day of each month here.


TomasinoWeb monetizes its content by hosting advertisements on our website in order to fund the operations of the organization. These advertisements are not produced by the organization and are clearly labeled as “Advertisements”. Advertisements do not necessarily reflect the views of TomasinoWeb.

Nonetheless, we also engage with businesses, brands, and other organizations through partnerships, which are managed by the organization’s External Affairs department. As part of these partnerships, External Affairs may enlist the assistance of the Publication in producing promotional content that we publish on our platforms. In these cases, we will fully disclose the relationship between the organization and the partner/s, and the extent to which the Publication was involved in the creation of promotional content for the partnership.

Any form of paid endorsement and content (such as stories/reviews, photos and videos) are publicly disclosed. Reviews made upon the request of our advertisers and partners always portray the honest, independent assessments of the Publication.

Promotional events such as giveaways and contests conducted as part of these partnerships may be sponsored by an advertiser or partner, but they are not and should never be considered endorsements of the entities involved or their products. We will post rules for each contest which will be binding to individuals who decide to participate.

TomasinoWeb does not, however, let our External Affairs department interfere with the integrity and independence of the Publication and the content they produce.


Members of TomasinoWeb are not allowed to become members of other publications and media outfits in the University, to run for and hold student council posts, the Commission on Elections, or a recognized political party inside the University. Applicants must disclose and terminate all conflicting affiliations if they wish to join and work with TomasinoWeb, while current members who wish to continue their conflicting affiliations must terminate their membership with the organization.


We are always open to what you have to say, especially if it concerns our ethical standards. If you have any comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to tell us.