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Monday, June 24, 2024

Advincula: Salya, Traslacion are graces we seek for our synodal journey

2 min readIn his homily, Cardinal Jose Advincula said that transferring the image of Nazarene to the Quiapo Church every ninth of January is synodal, as devotees journey together on the road.
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Published 5 months ago on January 19, 2024

by Princess Patricia Lumenario


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Pressing forth and crossing over during the Traslacion are symbols of “synodality,” according to the Manila Archbishop on the opening mass of the 10th Philippine Conference on New Evangelization at the Quadricentennial Pavillion on Friday, Jan. 19.

In his homily, Cardinal Jose Advincula said that transferring the image of Nazarene to the Quiapo Church every January 9 is synodal, as devotees journey together on the road.

Togetherness drives the Traslacion as the first practice focuses on “salya,” which is meant to propel the andas and serve as a unifying act that draws each other nearer to the image.

"The Nazareno is like a powerful magnet of love that brings devotees closer to one another, coordinates their movements, aligns their drives, and brings them closer to the Lord," the Manila Archbishop said.

Crossing over as the second devotional practice is the literal meaning of the word Traslacion in Spanish, and it is Jesus Christ who first acted upon it and invites people to do the same.

“Tinawid ni Hesus ang pagitan ng Diyos at tao, at ang pagitan ng pagkamatay at pagkabuhay,” Advincula said.

The Manila Archbishop emphasized that the Traslacion is a constant opportunity to move past personal divides towards holiness, unity, and fulfillment.

"The Traslacion is always an occasion to cross borders, transcend comforts, open to conversion, transform society, penetrate walls of division, and build bridges of solidarity," he said.

Advincula concluded his homily by elaborating on the significance of synodality in our journey to conversion.

Meanwhile, Cardinal Mario Grech, the secretary general of the Synod of Bishops, delivered a keynote speech about the "Synodal Church in Mission" on the same day.

Traslacion, or the annual procession of the 400-year-old image of Jesus Christ every second week of January, attracts millions of faithful throughout the country as a part of their devotion.

Last Traslacion, the Manila Archdiocese said that it urged the Holy See to officially recognize January 9 as the annual national feast of the Black Nazarene.

After three years, this is the first on-site installment of the Philippine Conference on New Evangelization. The conference aims to gather the church to contribute to the evangelization in today's time.

The event was first conducted in October 2013 by Cardinal Tagle in response to the Catholic Church's call for new evangelization.


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