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Monday, May 20, 2024

Jacinto: In sectoral representation, we are aiming for a more inclusive student body

4 min readThe lone candidate for the vice presidential seat from the College of Commerce and Business Administration aims to concentrate on promoting sectoral representation among the Thomasian community.
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Published about 1 year ago on March 28, 2023

by TomasinoWeb


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Central Student Council (CSC) vice presidential aspirant Aiah Karrylle Jacinto told TomasinoWeb that her experience as an advocate for people with disabilities was the main reason she incorporated sectoral representation in her platforms.

The lone candidate for the vice presidential seat from the College of Commerce and Business Administration highlightedthat as an advocate for the mentioned marginalized sector in the country, she aims to concentrate on promoting sectoral representation among the Thomasian community.

"Gagamitin natin yung inclusivity para ma-achieve yung inclusivity. Hindi lang sa pagkatapos ma-revise ng Constitution meron tayong sectoral representation[kung hindi] all throughout the process" Jacinto said when asked about the things she intend to accomplish in the constitutional revision.

She shared two main reasons on why she decided to run for the position of vice president.

According to Jacinto, one of the reasons she decided to run was the vacancy of the post on the current executive board of the CSC.

"[Feeling ko kasi] a student council would effectively serve its constituents, [first of all], kung complete yung executive board," she said.

Jacinto added that she intends to address the growing concerns of the student body, specifically the student leaders for a change in the system.

"That's why I think it's high time na rin that [we] focus on the system specifically by the revision of the constitution," she said.

Jacinto also pointed out the essence of diversity through sectoral representation as well as the significance of a comprehensive constitutional change.

Proper procedures through ConCon

The CSC vice presidential candidate is well aware of the challenges she would face in the position she is running for, having something to do with her only platform.

Jacinto believes that focusing on the revision of the UST CSC 2003 Constitution is important in establishing a safer learning environment, progressive council, and an effective student sectoral representation.

"So* kapag* next year they decided to have a constituent assembly*, hindi ako makakatulong sa pag *revise *ng constitution --- *which is my only platform," she said.

Jacinto clarified her stance on the amendment of the CSC 2003 Constitution as a vice presidential aspirant, given that legislative duties are usually under the jurisdiction of the president.

*"[Kaya] nilagay ko rin sa *platform *ko na maganda kung idaan natin sa constitutional convention yung revision, kasi kapag ginawa [natin] 'to pwede akong maka-help directly sa pagrevise ng *Constitution," the candidate for vice president added.

Despite this, she reassured the students that her ability to work extends beyond the platforms she had previously mentioned.

"Ang dapat ay babalik at babalik ka sa purpose mo on why did you decided to run. And for me, I decided to run kasi gusto ko talagang i-serve yung Thomasian community genuinely and ['yon] push for sectoral representation," Jacinto said.

In order to serve the Thomasian community better, efficiently, and effectively, she emphasized that it would be better to view the administration as an ally.

"'*Yung pagtakbo ko kasi sa *position *na 'to [parang] *ready na agad akong makipag work with them (administration)So we should be ready to negotiate with them, compromise," the CSC Vice President aspirant said.

Moreover, 'Tungkod Tomasino', patterned after her previous affiliation with Tungkod PH, a non-profit organization that advocates for persons with visual impairment.

Similar to the organization, Tungkod Tomasino will see the CSC extending a hand to reach those in need so they can feel heard and acknowledged.

Jacinto also wants to impart and bring some of her past experiences to the Central, as she shared the main goal of establishing this project.

"I would want the Central Student Council to be the tungkod of the student body para alalayan sila lalo na papunta rito sa policy driven na Thomasian community," Jacinto further explained.

Tungkod Tomasino focuses on six main points including continuation of the ongoing constitutional revision, proper student sectoral representation promoting inclusivity, involvement of student leaders, transparency, conducting proper procedures through constitutional convention, and lastly, appropriate & effective publicity.

Moreover, Jacinto is determined to fulfill what was written on her platform, but if things do not go as planned, she assured the Thomasian community that she would still do her part as the elected vice president of the CSC.

"*Pwede pa rin akong makatulong in other ways. Katulad na nga lang ng constitutional duties ko. Kapag nagawa ko yung constitutional duties ko effectively, makakatulong siya sa pag *stabilize *ng *working environment *ng *council," she said.

Jacinto shared with *TomasinoWeb *that aside from Tungkod Tomasino, there is another platform that she did not include in her publication materials.

She said that she is considering holding policy-making workshops, which would provide the student council's legislative body as well as those working on the revision of the constitution with talks on the focal points and processes of policy making.

Student leaders from other universities with policy-driven structures and Thomasians who were successful in passing policies inside the campus will be featured as speakers in the said proposed workshops.

Aiah behind the camera

Apart from being the incumbent Public Relations Officer of College of Commerce and Business Administration Student Council, the aspirant is also a part of Teletigers Esports Club as their graphic designer.

In the eyes of her colleagues, she is just as competent, dependable, and persistent, which makes her, according to them, a fitting Vice President for the CSC. Her work ethics both in academics and council duties are anchored to her willingness to serve the student body.

When asked about the difference between running unopposed and competing against other candidates gunning for the same position, Jacinto told TomasinoWeb that being a lone candidate is equally challenging as having an opponent.

"Yung pressure and challenge na binibigay sa'kin ng elections right now is the same kahit may kalaban ako or wala." she said.

Despite her unchallenged vice presidential bid, she explained that there are no changes in the amount of efforts she puts in her campaign as she strives to prove to the Thomasian community that she is worthy of their vote.

Pertaining to her previous experiences, Jacinto said that the most valuable lesson she can bring to the council is the interpersonal skills that she developed by collaborating with various people throughout her journey as a student-leader.

She deemed this skill necessary in building relationships among the internal members of the council.

*"We need to establish a good working environment internally bago tayo makapag handog ng maayos na serbisyo sa labas which is ;yung *constituents *natin," *Jacinto said. --- Alexandria Grace Magno and Steven Sanajan

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