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Remembering “Ma’am Beth”

On International Women’s Day, the College of Science remembers the life of Ma’am Beth, who served as their support staff for over 30 years. She was often dubbed as the “star of the show” for her hosting stints in the college’s annual variety show.



Photo courtesy of the University of Santo Tomas

“Good morning, College of Science!”

This is a catchphrase that the faculty and students from the College of Science (CoS) will dearly miss from Ms. Elizabeth Manjares, also known as Ma’am Beth, from over 30 years of service to the University.

She passed away on Feb. 9. She was turning 60 in May.

The University mourned her demise and expressed its condolences via Facebook posts. Students and faculty alike shared fond memories of her and tributes in remembrance.

CoS Student Council (CSSC) President Dean Alano showed his gratitude to Ma’am Beth for “being one of the instruments why I am, in God’s grace, will hopefully finish my program months from now.”

“Ma’am Beth is the kind of person who’s always smiling even though there’s a lot of work around,”  Alano told TomasinoWeb.

The CSSC President added that “she was able to impart a lot on the lives of the people she touched and inspired” which, to him,  is “way beyond what the four corners of our classrooms will provide.”

Ma’am Beth is beloved by many. She was part of the CoS support staff and was remembered to be “very heartwarming,” She was often dubbed as the “star of the show” for her hosting stints in the college’s annual variety show.  

CoS Journal Editor-in-Chief Lyn Marielle Abesamis attested to her “memorable” performances during the variety shows as she was “energetic and bubbly on stage” which made her a constant part of the event.

Thomasian alumnus Pierre Santiago shared the same sentiments with Alano and Abesamis. Santiago, who has hosted alongside Ma’am Beth, shared that “we all know that her duty goes beyond her job description”. 

His first interaction with Manjares was back in 2010. Santiago said that before they would start the variety show, Ma’am Beth would always say: “Enjoy natin ito ‘nak, para kahit papaano mapasaya natin kahit saglit yung mga bata.”

Prior to her passing, Ma’am Beth fought a long battle with breast cancer. Students and faculty members have organized and participated in initiatives to support her treatment.

Angela Gabrielle Magbitang Atejera
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UST community laments loss of Campus Ministry Director

The University on Saturday mourns for the death of Associate Professor Richard G. Pazcoguin, O.P., MA, Director of the Center for Campus Ministry. He was 41.



Photo courtesy of UST Website

The University on Saturday mourns for the death of Associate Professor Richard G. Pazcoguin, O.P., MA, Director of the Center for Campus Ministry. He was 41.

“The University of Santo Tomas is saddened by the untimely demise of the Director of the Center for Campus Ministry, Associate Professor Richard G. Pazcoguin, O.P., MA,” the post read. 

“We commend Sir Tsard to the Father’s loving embrace and are one with his family in mourning his passing,” it added. 

Along with the University, Fr Paul Reagan Talavera O.P, Parish priest of Santissimo del Rosario Parish also expressed his sorrows for the loss of Pazcoguin in a Facebook post. 

Fondly known as “Sir Tsard”, Pazcoguin also taught Theology classes in the Institute of Religion before becoming the director for the campus ministry.

Pazcoguin was also an active member of the Dominican Laity and several church activities of the University.

He was also known for composing the songs “Children of Unending Grace” which served as a tribute song for the Thomasian community and to God as well. He also composed  “We Are Thomasian Christians” which was performed by former members of the Marian Evangelization Community.

A number of his colleagues and students flocked online to express their grief and gratitude for Pazcoguin.

“Whenever you think of UST’s religious events, you think of the familiar face of Richard Pazcoguin,” says Philippe Jose Hernandez, Assistant Director of the UST Communications Bureau in his Facebook post.

“And now, six months apart, those faces are gone. One was 62. The other was 42,” he added, referring both to Pazcoguin and former Public Affairs Director Giovanna Fontanilla.

A passionate professor

Carolyn Buen Parulan, one Pazcoguin’s former students, shared that he was a passionate professor that helped strengthen her faith in God. 

“He taught us with so much passion that it deepened my Catholic faith. Na parang sa kanya walang imposible basta maniwala at magtiwala ka lang sa kanya,” she said in an interview with TomasinoWeb. 

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“He shared his passion with his students. He inspired us not to give up, to hold on to our faith. My first semester during my freshman year in college was not that easy but he taught me not to give up and hold on,” she added. 

Parulan also mentioned that one of the best things about Pazcoguin is that he always reminded his students that God works in mysterious ways and is always there guiding us and will never leave us behind.


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