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Canon proudly releases the world’s smallest, lightest* digital SLR camera in the EOS 100D



Canon today announces the launch of EOS 100D, a brand new camera category that combines the essence and sophistication of a DSLR with the convenience of a lightweight and compact body.

The new EOS 100D would appeal to those who insist on the quality of a DSLR without its typical bulk and weight. This highly portable EOS measures in at a mere 116.8mm x 90.7mm x 69.4mm and so it fits comfortably in smaller hands. As it weighs approximately 370g, users will also be able to take more photos over extended periods of time with less fatigue.

The EOS 100D retains the full capabilities expected of an EOS camera with a low-noise 18-megapixel APS-C sized CMOS sensor and the DIGIC 5 image processor that captures photos that strike the delicate balance between high resolution and high sensitivity, maintaining the essential details of the photo even in low light. The Hybrid CMOS AF II Live View function is able to rapidly pinpoint and focus on subjects for sharp and blur-free photos.

Full EOS power
The EOS pedigree is synonymous with photographic prowess, and the smaller form factor of the EOS 100D does not compromise performance. Fitted into its compact body is a powerful low-noise high-resolution 18-megapixel APS-C size CMOS sensor paired with Canon’s DIGIC 5 image processor, providing outstanding photo quality. When it came to selecting the most appropriate sensor for the EOS 100D, an 18-megapixel CMOS sensor was found to provide the best balance between quality and sensitivity. At this resolution, an image can be cropped up to 20% of its original size and still be of sufficient quality for a 3R photograph.

EOS cameras are known for high-speed burst photography, and the EOS 100D is able to shoot continuously at four frames per second (fps). At this speed, the black-out time between photos is so short that it becomes much easier to track moving subjects like kids and pets, plus users are unlikely to miss that perfect moment. Highly sensitive ISO speeds of up to 12800 (expandable to 25600) carry this speedy performance onto low-light situations while still maintaining a high degree of image quality.

The swiftness of the EOS 100D is complimented by a new Auto-Focus (AF) system known as Hybrid CMOS AF II, employed when shooting in Live View mode. It uses phase detection AF to quickly zero in on subjects and then contrast detection to fine tune focus. It is much more responsive than conventional AF method using only contrast detection. The earlier version of this system limited phase detection area to the center of the frame, but Hybrid CMOS AF II greatly improves on that by expanding the phase detection area to approximately 80% of the frame. Pair the Hybrid CMOS AF II with a Stepping Motor lens (STM), users will be able to quickly track and maintain focus on subjects even if they are not in the center of the frame, allowing for very rapid point-and-shoot performance.

Comfortable and confident operation
While the EOS 100D might be smaller and lighter than its DSLR cousins, its one-of-a-kind rubber grip, albeit smaller and more compact, gives users a secure hold on the camera. The rear buttons have been rearranged for the compact size, and the mode dial can now be rotated 360 degrees so that different shooting modes can be selected more quickly. The high-powered viewfinder, a staple element of DSLRs that allows for easier aiming when shooting outdoors or rapidly-moving subjects like pets and children, has been made slightly larger with a magnification of 0.87x for more comfortable viewing.

As the EOS 100D is designed to help ease casual digital compact camera users into the world of DSLRs, much of the features have been designed around the Clear View LCD II electrostatic touch panel display. This wide 3.0-inch 1.04 million dot display is dirt-resistant and reduces reflections in outdoor environments for greater clarity, and its intuitive touch operation makes it extremely easy for users to quickly navigate through menus and functions. Using Live View, users can easily tap to focus and lock onto subjects and faces to instantly get the shot they want.

A highly-desired trait of DSLR photos is the expressive blurred backgrounds when you shoot with a shallow depth of field. Canon has created a new Background Blur Simulation function in Creative Auto mode to help casual users achieve the same effect. In this mode, the Live View display will be able to simulate the background blur in real-time before the photo is taken. A simple slider interface allows users to adjust the depth-of-field blur to the desired level, without requiring any knowledge of the technicalities of apertures and depth-of-field.

With Feature Guide, new users will feel more empowered to experiment with new and different functions to take full advantage of the EOS 100D’s abilities. When switched on, it explains the camera’s functions and recommends situations where this mode would be useful.

Intelligent functions
To help users take great photos quickly, EOS cameras are equipped with a mode dial to quickly access various shooting modes that auto adjusts settings for different scenarios. The EOS 100D introduces three new family-oriented scene modes: Kids, Food, and Candlelight. By selecting Kids mode, the EOS 100D automatically adjusts itself for high-speed shutter control to capture active kids without blur, and with a color-balance adjusted for healthy-looking skin tones. The Food mode is for food enthusiasts who like to share photos of their meals, and optimizes settings for bright and vivid food images, while Candlelight mode disables the flash and adjusts the red tint for natural-looking candlelight images.

For low-light situations, the EOS 100D can use its rapid photo-taking ability to power function known as Multi Shot Noise Reduction. Ideal for handheld photos at night, this scene mode takes four images in quick succession, and then combines the visual data from all four images into one perfectly composited image – without the noise associated with high ISO images.

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For a safe snap-and-forget mode, most new users can use the Scene Intelligent Auto mode, which detects factors like faces, colors, brightness, movement, contrast and distance to automatically select the ideal exposure methods to match the scene. The EOS 100D is capable of recognizing 29 different scenes like blue sky and sunset; it can even detect if a tripod is in use and will automatically adjust to the optimal settings for both stills and movies.

The EOS 100D has a new Silent Shooting mode that locks the mirror in position to eliminate the mirror reflex action noise. When used in conjunction with Live View shooting, silent shooting can be achieved for speeds up to 4 fps. For situations where the light from the LCD monitor can be a distraction to others, the viewfinder can be used in stealth at a continuous burst shooting of 2.5 fps.

Be creative
Modern users like to infuse their photos with fun and creativity, and the EOS 100D has all of the popular creative filters like Fisheye, Toy Camera, and Water Painting effect. Now users are able to preview these effects on the Live View screen before the shot is taken.

Another new function of the EOS 100D is the Extra Effect shot, which is the ability to snap two photos at a time – one with a Creative Filter or Picture Style effect applied and the other without. These photographs are taken and saved simultaneously, so users can freely take creative photos without fear of losing the original unfiltered photo.

For users who like to play around with aspect ratios, whether it is aspect ratio of 16:9, classic 4:3, 3:2, or 1:1, the EOS 100D is able to adjust this easily in Live View or playback mode. The high resolution of the 18-megapixel CMOS sensor allows for photos to be cropped while still retaining a high level of image quality. Whereas previous models required cropping to be done in post-production on a PC, the EOS 100D is able to make use of its intuitive touch panel to perform cropping actions in-camera.

Ready for movies
Canon has included many movie-centric features into the EOS 100D. For starters, the EOS Movie mode can be activated quickly by flicking the power lever to video. The rapid AF performance provided by the Hybrid CMOS AF II system also applies to movies, by powering the Movie Servo AF function. Once a subject is selected, Movie Servo AF will lock onto it and continually adjust the AF to keep the subject in perfect focus, even if it is not in the middle of the frame. Movie Servo AF greatly improves the quality of moving and panning shots, as it will not lose focus of the subject.

The popular Miniature Effect creative filter has been upgraded in the EOS 100D to be compatible with EOS Movie mode. Users can now take videos using the filters; select recording speeds of up to 5x, 10x and 20x real time. Even the most familiar cityscape will be seen in a different light using this new feature, especially when cars and clouds are seen zipping by at 20x speed.

To start new users on this exciting journey, the EOS 100D comes with a kit lens that makes full use of its EOS Movie capabilities. The new EF-S18-55mm F3.5-5.6 IS STM lens is an advanced lens designed specifically to improve the EOS Movie experience. The STM in its name denotes stepping motor, which allows the Movie Servo AF function to achieve silent and smooth auto focusing without disrupting the peace with any AF motor noises.

It includes a new six-group inner focusing system for smooth Movie Servo AF movements. The built-in image stabilizer allows it to take photos as sharp as other lenses do with shutter speeds set to four settings faster. It also has a 7-blade circular aperture for beautiful soft-focus images. The full-time manual focus allows fussier photographers to do manual focus adjustments even when in AF mode. The 18-55mm zoom range, along with its compact and lightweight design, makes an ideal everyday lens versatile enough for most situations.

*Among the digital SLR camera which mounts the APS-C size equivalent sensor. Date of issue : 1st. Mar. 2013, Canon research

EOS 100D Specifications Summary
Dimensions: Approx. 116.8 x 90.7 x 69.4 mm
Weight: Approx. 370g (body only)
Image sensor: 18-megapixel APS-C sized CMOS sensor
Imaging processor: DIGIC 5
ISO speeds: 100-12800 (expandable to 25600)
AF system: 9-point, 1 center cross-type AF point (viewfinder), Hybrid CMOS AF II (Live View)
Continuous shooting speed: 4 fps
LCD: 3” wide Clear View LCD II monitor with touch interface

About Canon
Canon is a USD 45.7 billion global company with one of the most extensive product lines of input and output digital imaging devices. It holds the 3rd spot in the Top Corporate US Patent Holder (2011) and continues to enrich lives through technological innovation. Guided by its commitment to its Kyosei philosophy, Canon continues to provide total imaging solutions to improve personal and professional lives. It is currently among the top 25 companies according to the Brand Corporate Reputation index with strong reputation on performance and good corporate citizenship.

Canon Marketing (Philippines), Inc. has offices in six major regions, namely, National Capital Region, North Luzon, Central Luzon, South Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Recognitions and awards received include the Corporate Award and Gold Bagwis Seal of Excellence for providing distinctive service to customers and Anvil Awards of Merit for Canon Photoskwela, Canon Photomarathon, Canon Advocacy Team Public Relations programs, as well as an Anvil Award of Excellence for its Bachang Rice Terraces Rehabilitation Project.

In the Philippines, Canon products have been distinguished as the No. 1 Camera, No. 1 Inkjet Printer, No. 1 Single-Function Laser Printer, No 1. Multifunction printer and No. 1 Copier Brand.

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Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE: Renew ABS-CBN franchise, Defend Press Freedom

As members of the Thomasian community, guided by the virtues of veritas in caritate, we, the student publications and media organizations of the University of Santo Tomas, strongly condemn the recent attacks of the Duterte administration on the media especially on ABS-CBN.



Deojon Elarco/TomasinoWeb


EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a joint statement of student publications and media organizations of the University of Santo Tomas. 

Today, we are witnessing another brazen attack against the press.

As members of the Thomasian community, guided by the virtues of veritas in caritate, we, the student publications and media organizations of the University of Santo Tomas, strongly condemn the recent attacks of the Duterte administration on the media especially on ABS-CBN.

Despite the protection of freedom of expression in  the 1987 Constitution, President Duterte and his lapdogs continue to find themselves stuck in an endless loop of scrutinizing various media institutions. 

From the harassment of campus publications up to threats of revocation against the mainstream media, it is clear that the Duterte administration is not an ally of the press.

In an attempt to hasten the franchise revocation of broadcast network ABS-CBN, Solicitor General Jose Calida filed a quo warranto petition against broadcast network ABS-CBN, last February 10, 2020. Tagged by Calida as a “very urgent omnibus motion”, the petition was filed in the Supreme Court due to the network giant’s “unlawful exercise of legislative franchises.”

The actions of the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) and the tolerance of the Duterte administration towards this matter is a grave disrespect to press freedom. The maneuver of the OSG sets a dangerous precedence in the future, where the legalese is bent to further suppress the media. 

Censorship has always been the weapon of dictators. In fact, the actions and policies of the current administration strongly live by the Marcosian playbook—where the truth has no place in the society. 47 years ago, the ABS-CBN found itself in the same situation when its channel 2 was shut down after it was seized by the military a day after the declaration of Martial Law. For 13 years, Filipinos lived in the darkness and silence of Martial Law. Any form of criticism was suppressed. The media became a propaganda tool of the government. Behind the “discipline” and “order” are the shadows of cruelty not just on the media but also on the Filipino society. If the Duterte administration can easily threaten network giants, the harm it can conflict to small-scale publications, to human rights defenders, to common Filipinos, is insurmountable.

The crackdown on ABS-CBN not only affects the operations of media in the country but also displaces tens of thousands of employees. Last 2017, Sandy Prieto of the Philippine Daily Inquirer also found herself in the same situation into giving up her family’s 25-year control of Inquirer after pressures from Duterte’s administration, and was ultimately sold to Ramon S. Ang, a business tycoon and close friend of Duterte. Last 2019, Rappler CEO Maria Ressa was arrested for the alleged violation of the Anti-Dummy Law and “cyber libel” charges in 2012. A few weeks ago, a community journalist along with four human rights workers were arrested for alleged possession of firearms and explosives. These recent attacks are reminiscent of the Marcos regime; that era itself marks the rape of the Philippine press.

Our duties and responsibilities as media practitioners are tantamount to our role as the Fourth Estate, which refers to our capability to evaluate and check the government’s performance. Without critical engagement and discourse, the state is free to tamper with our rights without hesitation. Refusing to fight for our rights as campus press further amplifies the systemic aggression that plagues the newsroom we belong to. 

Once more, we vehemently condemn President Duterte’s attempts in silencing the press and the administration’s reliance on misinformation to advance its own version of truth.

Amidst the ongoing firestorm that threatens freedom of the press, let us be reminded that we must uphold the truth to protect the sanctity of the freedom of speech and of expression.


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President, TomasinoWeb



Executive Editor, TomasinoWeb



EIC, Purple Gazette



President/Director, UST Tiger S.H.O.O.T.



President, Performing Arts Guild



Editor-in-Chief, UST College of Science Journal 



Editor-in-Chief, Accountancy Journal



Associate Editor, The Flame









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Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE: End impunity, defend press freedom!

Student publications, writers and media organizations of the University stand together to hold the line amidst the Duterte administration’s efforts to curtail the freedom of speech and expression. 



Photo by Genise Danga/TomasinoWeb

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a joint statement of student publications and media organizations of the University of Santo Tomas. 

We, the student publications and media organizations of the University of Santo Tomas, strongly commit to hold the line along with other media organizations amidst the Duterte administration’s efforts to curtail the freedom of speech and expression. 

As we commemorate the tenth-year anniversary of the Maguindanao massacre, numerous human rights violations against journalists and media organizations still remain at large. 

The arrest of community journalist Anne Krueger was one of the latest attacks on press freedom — a trend the administration is deemed to repeat regardless of criticism from local and international media. Krueger was unlawfully arrested with 56 others through simultaneous raids on various offices in Bacolod City under the pretext of communist subversion.

Minutes before her arrest, Krueger hosted a live broadcast on Facebook showing the irregularities committed by authorities through planting evidence to justify the arrest of other progressives. She is also one of the founders of Paghimutad, an alternative media organization covering the ongoing bloodshed in Negros.

Through President Duterte’s Executive Order No. 70, a Whole-of-Nation approach was used by the administration to wrongfully tag progressive groups and human rights workers as members of the New People’s Army (NPA). 

Meanwhile, Negros-based broadcaster Dindo Generoso was the 14th journalist to be murdered under the Duterte administration and the 187th since 1986. He was shot by assailants last November 7 while driving on his way to host his radio program.

Earlier this year, the Duterte administration claimed the existence of an ouster plot that is allegedly supported by journalists, lawyers, and various critics. Organizations such as Rappler, Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, Metro Balita, and National Union of Lawyers in the Philippines, are one of those included in Duterte’s destabilization matrix.

In line with this, campus publications are unsafe from repression. Last November 16, an individual forcibly tried to enter the office of the Philippine Collegian, the University of the Philippine’s official student publication in order to conduct surveillance and inspections for an unknown reason. 

Aside from committing human rights violations against media practitioners, the Duterte administration is notorious for utilizing massive troll farms to combat the truth. A 2017 study of the University of Oxford included the Philippines in a list of countries with governments that utilizes social media manpower to bend public opinion. Data-mining firm, Cambridge Analytica and its parent company once claimed in an already archived article that it helped rebrand Duterte as a “strong, no-nonsense man of action” that would deliver the Philippines from crime. Last month, Facebook removed various Duterte-leaning pages for violating its terms and agreements on spam and authenticity.


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American-based non-profit organization Committee to Protect Journalists declared the Maguindanao massacre as the “single deadliest event for journalists”. Ten years after its aftermath, justice is yet to be served. 

As Duterte approaches his fourth term in his presidency, bloodshed and violence against the media remain prevalent.

We, campus media organizations, amidst all the efforts to curtail our freedom, should always stand firm to stand by the truth and to hold the line.

Veritas in Caritate.



Executive Editor

College of Science Journal 

Accountancy Journal

Associate Editor
The Flame

La Stampa

UST Tiger S.H.O.O.T

Patrick M. Demition
President/Artistic Director
Teatro Tomasino

Loraine B. Villarina
UST Literary Society

Clarence Pryce O. Almazan
Performing Arts Guild

Xyvel Vincent S. Niez
Commerce Journal

Jefson Romeo B. Felix
Purple Gazette


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Press Releases

AIESEC in the Philippines to launch first-ever National Global Village

It’s time to set sail and start your worldwide journey! AIESEC in the Philippines is back, and this time it’s national!



It’s time to set sail and start your worldwide journey! AIESEC in the Philippines is back, and this time it’s national!

For the first time, AIESEC in the Philippines will hold a National Global Village with a theme “Journey With A Why” wherein participants can experience a whole day of cross-cultural exchange, be given the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the world’s rich cultures, and embark on an adventure where opportunities to develop the world and improving one’s self awaits.

This August 31, AIESEC in the Philippines will bring the world much closer to the Filipino youth at Eastwood Mall Atrium wherein they can experience interacting with youth from other countries who are currently here in the Philippines for volunteer work for the projects of AIESEC Philippines and its local chapters from other universities.

Over 10 from other 120 countries in partnership with AIESEC are expected to participate in the event.

Organized by the largest youth-led organization AIESEC, the National Global Village encourages the next generation of Filipino game-changers to know their why as they take on their AIESEC journey, and build the foundations of a more Globally Competitive Philippines.

Experience what the world can offer you by visiting our cultural booths, having a taste of multi-cultural foods, sign up at our exchange booths, and have some fun because we’re going to have some cultural performances that will showcase the cultures of different countries.

Watch out for live performances from local bands such as The Clamshell Boxes, Paper Satellites, Sofa Sky, Crescent City, Mt. Lewis, and Submission PH!

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In a world where misunderstanding takes place because of misinformation and ignorance of other people’s beliefs and values, AIESEC in the Philippines hopes to immerse the Filipino youth to the diversity of the world’s cultures to combat conflict and violence through understanding and embracing cultural differences.

The event is happening on the 31st of August 2019 at the Eastwood Mall Atrium from 11AM-9PM!

Let’s dream our why together, visit the National Global Village!

Facebook: AIESEC in the Philippines
Twitter: AIESECinPHL


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