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TW rebrands as K-pop fan org

TomasinoWeb is now rebranding as an officially-recognized fan organization of K-pop girl group TWICE.



After a long period of deliberation, TomasinoWeb announced on Sunday that it is rebranding as an officially-recognized fan organization of a Korean pop (K-pop) girl group.

Philip Jamilla, TomasinoWeb’s executive editor, said in a statement that the decision came after 200 members of the once-digital media organization signed a petition calling for the rebranding, since many of the organization’s members are fans of TWICE, a popular K-pop group.

“Rami kasing fans ng TWICE sa TomWeb, dami sumali kasi akala ni TW stands for TWICE kaya nagpapetition. Dati Swiftie org kami, ngayon K-pop na,” Jamilla said.

In a separate statement, TomasinoWeb President Julius Renomeron Jr. welcomed the rebranding as a demonstration of the organization’s “commitment to innovation, passion and dedication,” which he said he saw in TWICE’s music.

Likey is like TomWeb, pinapakita ng TWICE dito yung innovation, passion and dedication nila to making good music, tulad namin when it comes to content and reaching yung audience namin. ‘Yan ang core values namin,” Renomeron stated.

For its 10th anniversary, TomasinoWeb rebranded from UST’s “official online student publication and organization” to the University’s “official digital media organization.”

Officers of the organization convened on the new rebranding last month after the petition gained traction among members.

On the other hand, Vince Angelo Ferreras, TomasinoWeb‘s managing editor, protested against the rebranding, saying that BLΛƆKPIИK is a better group than TWICE.

“Loko-loko talaga ‘tong mga ‘to, ‘click-clack, badda bing badda boom’ is still better”, Ferreras told reporters, reciting lyrics from BLΛƆKPIИK’s debut single Boombayah.

So far, other officers of TomasinoWeb have refused to comment on the organization’s new branding.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Find the Easter eggs *wink wink*