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RELATIONSHIPS: Crushes and Admiration



Let me give you a scenario. You see this guy walking down the hallway, all alone at a distance. Your eyes look at him as if he was walking towards you, about to say “Hello” in a voice like Hugh Jackman. Oh look, someone texted him. He stopped his tracks and paused in the hallway. Come on, girl, talk to him. Get his name. Wait, what? You’re anxious? Come on, it’s only one guy. I’m a guy and you’re talking to me so what’s the difference? Talk to him already! Get to know him! Wait, you can’t? How come? What do you mean you’re shy? Oooh, I see now.

His looks attract you, don’t they? And you desire to be beside him, right? You know what this means? You have a crush on that guy. Hey, it happens to the rest of us.

Perhaps you girls had your eye on that baby-faced guy who likes Korean music, or that chubby guy who’s always wearing a jacket. Perhaps you guys had your eye on that girl who looks like an angel with red hair, or a simple girl with several pimples.

Everyone has a crush on at least one person. Admit it; it’s alright to have a crush on someone. It’s perfectly natural. We’re only human; we have the desire to like a certain person in a different way. They are our “beloved”, using a literary term in this sense. But in a way, we want to be loved by our beloved.

But what exactly is a crush anyway? WordWeb dictionary defines “crush” as “temporary love of an adolescent”. Well, not just adolescents actually. Even adults have that but they probably use a different word for it because crush sounds a little immature. Usually, if Friends and How I Met Your Mother are to be believed, adults would say “I’m in love with you.”

My friends would tell me “Uy, Ralph, crush ko siya o!” while pointing to a guy in the distance. Wait a minute. Let’s use syllogism here: You have a crush on this particular guy, a crush is a “temporary love.” Ergo, you love that particular guy. Wait, what? But you personally don’t know the guy you’re pointing to. So how could you have strong feelings for him? You just like him for his looks or some special skill he does, right?

Perhaps “infatuation” can be the appropriate term here. Infatuation is defined by WordWeb as “A foolish and usually extravagant passion, love or admiration.” You admire the guy for his looks, or his skills but you really do not know his personality. My friend Joyce gave me the term “distant admiration” for those who are infatuated with a certain person they do not know.

Now, a crush is just developing feelings for someone. It’s natural; you can’t force yourself to have a crush on someone. That’s not how it works – a crush usually fades away. It’s not like anyone says: “I’ve fallen in ‘crush’ with you,” because a crush is temporary. The not-so-popular website, Tumblr, has mentioned that a crush usually lasts 4 months, beyond that, you’ve fallen in love.

For instance, I have a friend and a classmate of mine. We chat about things, we help each other out, we text each other. I like her personality. But then, for no particular reason, I think about her and how lovely she is no matter how hard I try to stop. She was light-years away from looking like a model but her looks didn’t matter to me.

One downside is that you might not stop thinking about that person. This usually happens to us hopelessly romantic people, no matter what you do, you’ll be thinking about that person more often than you expected. Whenever you hear a song like “A Thousand Miles” or “When You Say Nothing At All”, your mind just can’t stop and you’re now a little ecstatic whenever you imagine that person you like.

The sick desire for togetherness – when you’ve developed feelings for someone, you’d want to be together all the time. I could remember last summer – I had a crush on girl and we spent the last day of our summer classes just walking around UST, talking to each other.

Anyway, what you want is the emotional connection. You want to be with that person you like because you want them to like you back as well.

Well, that actually is alright when the time and the situation between you two are right. Like I said before, a crush is temporary but it doesn’t mean that you can just tell someone you have a crush on them unless you want things to be awkward between you two, especially if you two are friends.

Remember when I said that most adults wouldn’t use “crush” when they have feelings for someone? Well, they would rather use “I think I’m in love with you” or something to that effect. “Love” is a strong word to be used on someone.

So, let’s review, some of the downsides of having a crush and taking it too seriously: uncontrollable thinking, a sick desire for togetherness, and an intense urge to confess. If you can’t handle these side effects, try not to develop your crush too much. Don’t take it too seriously and you’ll be healthy.


 By: Raphael De Las Alas



12 Tweets summing-up this year’s CDC

The Salinggawi Dance Troupe never faltered to show the magic of their performance. The question is, what did the Twitter-verse say in the midst of every leap and toss of CDC’s dancers?



Photo by Christine Annmarie Tapawan/TomasinoWeb

What’s up CDC? Yesterday, the Salinggawi Dance Troupe never faltered to show the magic of their performance. They not only managed to win the hearts of their fellow Thomasians but also the hearts of people from its competing universities as they landed 4th runner-up in the overall ranks. The question is, what did the Twitter-verse say in the midst of every leap and toss of CDC’s dancers?

Here are some of the tweets that documented the highlights of this year’s Cheer Dance Competition:

1. This year’s themes are:


2. So, you’ve heard of the rumor that Thomasians are shapeshifters.


3. Jokes on you all. Thomasians are allegedly the Lord’s favorite. 



4. There’s quite an uncanny resemblance here!



5. Calling all FEU students! A go-signal has been declared. 



6. Did anyone see the mayor coming?



7. Get you a performance that could serve you all 4 of these looks!



8. Magic is within Thomasians as shown by Salinggawi. Want more evidence? Expecto Patronum!



9. Speaking of magic, are you ready to have the most magical night next month? *coughs* Paskuhan? *coughs*


10. GO USTe! GO USTe! GO USTe! GO! GO! GO! GO!



11. CDC brought to you by yours truly, your mom.



12. Blame your fever on this one!



The Cheer Dance Competition once again proved that Thomasians, or maybe other students of UAAP schools too, always have a strong school spirit. Not only does the support ooze from those who stay in the University right now but also from its alumni and those who admire it. 

Together with one mind and spirit, we chant, “Go USTe!”


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There’s Bad Blood: What Taylor’s ownership battle is telling us

Artistic rights have been a long-standing issue in the industry. It is shady enough to manipulatively take the rights of an artist’s records. Yet, to exploit their hard work is plainly immoral. However, this move is not new in an industry like this. 



Taylor Swift during the MTV Awards 2019 | Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris from Getty Images

From Kanye West to Katy Perry, Taylor Swift is once again stuck in feud. I’m going to let you finish, but this one does not involve an ex-boyfriend or a fellow artist. This is a battle that it involves her career as an artist and a whole lot more.  

The internet is in outrage after 29-year-old pop singer Taylor Swift released a statement regarding her battle against music mogul Scooter Braun and former label CEO Scott Borchetta. If you’re only waking up to this news, let me give you some knowledge about what’s happening.

Last November 2018, Taylor announced her departure from long-time music label Big Machine Records. She then went to sign with another music label. Recently this year, her former label has been acquired by Scooter Braun. Yes, it’s the same Scooter Braun who manages other pop artists like Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. What seems to be another business move has turned the tides for her. For a hefty price of $300 million, Scooter has acquired not only the recording label but also the rights to her music catalogue. So, what does this mean exactly? 

Taylor, who is scheduled to receive the Artist of the Decade award at the American Music Awards, wishes to perform a medley of her hits for the past decade. However, she states that Scooter and Scott are preventing her to use her prior releases in her performance and in an upcoming Netflix documentary about her life. They claim that this would technically be re-recording her old music—something she is not allowed to do until next year. 


Big Machine Records has since then denied the accusations. In a statement to CNN, the label defended that, “Taylor Swift can 100% perform all her catalog, past and present, on the AMAs. Big Machine has no issue with her performance going out on the live broadcast, because it recognizes it doesn’t have the right to block her”. 

As much as we’d like to excuse ourselves from this narrative, we are consumers that only get to see and hear the end products. For every song we stream and every concert we attend, we contribute to the profit of companies and their artists. This controversy is bringing visibility and spreading awareness on what goes down behind every song that goes out in the market and how artists are treated. 

Artistic rights have been a long-standing issue in the industry. It is shady enough to manipulatively take the rights of an artist’s records. Yet, to exploit their hard work is plainly immoral. However, this move is not new in an industry like this. 

In Karl Marx’s theory of alienated labor, factory labor under capitalism separates the workers from the products they create. These products would then be sent off to different places for others to make money out of it. In this case, the record an artist produces are those of which that are distributed to music platforms. As they are consumed, record labels gain profit from them. Under the rules of capitalism, the artists are detached from the products they make. The only way out, according to Marx, is for the workers to revolt and fight the system which is what Taylor is doing in social media.  

The music industry can be very toxic because of executives that bend the rules in their favor. For years, many artists have fallen victim to this abuse of power and it’s sad to think that their life’s work and creativity are held hostage by an ink deal and a few pages of paper.

Unfortunately, these aren’t the only issues coming into light. Artists who have gone through the same fate as Taylor, like JoJo, TLC, and Kesha, showed that there is a need for women to go beyond their limits in order to get what they deserve. Surprisingly enough, silencing women doesn’t only happen in the music industry. 

Gender-based discrimination caused Indian filmmaker Alankrita Shrivastava’s film “Lipstick Under My Burkha” to be initially censored for being “lady-oriented”. The filmmaker admitted that she had to “fight to get the right equipment and decent studio time slots” in creating her first feature film.

Icelandic artist Borghildur Indriðadóttir witnessed her Facebook friends and photos deleted after she shared a promo of her exhibition entitled, DEMONCRAZY, that featured photos of topless women standing in front of portraits of older men in public buildings. She defended that her exhibition was purposely made for people to question why numerous paintings of men that used to rule in power are seen in public buildings. 

Rather than being an environment that fosters creativity, magnates have turned the artistic industry into a strategic gameplay between them and their artists. With the power they hold, it’s as though they are puppet masters who benefit from the public by shamelessly controlling their marionettes. 

If a situation like this is happening to a mainstream artist like Taylor, what goes on behind closed doors for those who are just starting out? This on-going war between Taylor and her former label executives is creating a big step not only for artists with established careers but also for those who are waiting to sign their future record deal.

This is a fight for the budding artists who spend sleepless nights to release their first single without even knowing that it won’t be theirs in the future. Artists deserve ownership and credit for what they create. It’s high time for executives to serve them that justice. 


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13 “Mood” Tweets Celebrating UST’s Stepladder Win Against UP 



The UST Growling Tigers were not alone in the celebration of their win against UP Fighting Maroons as the support of the whole Thomasian community was roaring from every University building and every nook of social media, especially Twitter. 

We compiled several tweets that express their congratulatory remarks in a creative way. 

1. UST CSC President Robert Gonzales tweeted a photo that shows a letter jokingly addressed to the Secretary General with the hope of suspending classes following game day. 

2. A tweet also explained the science behind the opponent’s failure to score a three-pointer.

3. Ah, yes. A self-degrading reply that explains why it isn’t science at all. 

4. Here’s some motivation gained from Subido’s clutch win! Way to go, Thomasians! 

5. The competition is not just between UST and Ateneo. 

6. Even Internet’s child, Scarlet Snow Belo, couldn’t pick one! 

7. Renzo Subido has swept not just the win, but also fans’ hearts. 

8. Honestly, we’re not offended. (paano_kapag_walang_class_chz.jpeg)

9. It doesn’t matter if you’re illiterate in the basketball language, as long as you cheer and support your team!

10. Indeed, the Growling Tigers strutted through opponents with a “tabi-dadaan-kami-attitude”. 

11. Whilom, who? Oh wait. It’s a word.

12. UST may have won against them, but their toilets are about to take a huge feat.

13. And of course, the classic Thomasian move: ghosting.

The fight is not over as the Growling Tigers try to hustle against Ateneo Blue Eagles in a best-of-three finals which commences this coming Saturday, November 16. 

Whether support will be shown by attending the game or by cheering for the winning team through convenient social media accounts, the Thomasian spirit will surely bleed through a swarm of blue.  


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