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#Quarantrends: What took over the internet amidst the quarantine

From Dalgona coffee to Tiktok challenges, the internet has not run out of things to keep masses entertained and informed despite the prohibition of personal interactions.



Artwork by Patricia Jardin

It has been over 4 months since Luzon was put under enhanced community quarantine in hopes of preventing the transmission of COVID-19. A number of public places that we used to frequent are temporarily not operational since all of us are bound to stay at home, with the exception of our front liners and other members of the skeletal workforce.

Given that what we are facing right now greatly affects our physical and mental health, people resorted to spending more time on social media platforms to find ways to temporarily distract themselves from the devastating realities brought about by this pandemic.

Some of the trends that took over social media for the past few months are:

1.  #CompassionForThomasians

Following the news that the school administration settled on pushing through with online classes until the end of the academic year, Thomasians have taken their concerns to Twitter. Citing dismay against the news made this instantaneously trend locally. Despite numerous concerns raised, the administration stood firm by its decision. On a lighter note, we can say that we fought COVID-19 in the education front and defeated it!

2. #DefendPressFreedom

Photo by Eloisa Lopez/Reuters

Broadcasting stations and news sites that are critical of Duterte’s leadership have had their fair share of taking attacks from the administration. From Ressa’s arrest to ABS-CBN’s shut down as well as the threats to campus media organizations, it is evident that the current administration does not advocate for free speech, especially when the content delivered, though factual, is not in their favor. But let us not forget that an attack on our news sources is an attack on democracy.

3. #NoToABSCBNShutdown

Photo from Rappler

After being shut down by the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos in 1972, ABS-CBN⁠—one of the country’s biggest broadcasting stations⁠—faces the same fate but this time under a different ruler. All their broadcasting operations from television to radio have ceased, but their content can still be delivered and viewed through online platforms. As their primetime newscast on May 5 ended, former Vice President Noli de Castro left this statement written by News Chief Ging Reyes: “Hindi kami mananahimik sa pag-atakeng ito sa demokrasya at sa malayang pamamahayag.” 

4. #OustDuterte

Photo by Lisa Marie David/Rappler

With the alarming actions that our government has taken in an attempt to mitigate and address the issues brought about by COVID-19, more citizens have become aware of the incompetent governance of the Duterte Administration. From giving a shoot to kill directive to just plain ol’ macho fascismo, the number of citizens fighting for political reform to break away from the bonds of a tyrannical government has risen and taken to Twitter their expressions of resentment for this administration.

5. #NoStudentLeftBehind

Following an indefinite class suspension, school administrators from top universities have decided to utilize online platforms to facilitate learning. Numerous students have pleaded reconsideration of other options in terms of academics since many students don’t have the means to attend online classes and accomplish the requirements. Despite tweets with the motion #NoStudentLeftBehind, universities still decided to push through with online classes. 

6. #BlackLivesMatter

Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The death of George Floyd has sparked mass protests all over the USA. Video footage showed how he was aggressively restrained by police, which eventually caused his death. Videos of policemen violently dispersing protesters seeking justice for victims of racism and racial profiling are all over the web. However, police violence doesn’t only happen in the US, but in our own country as well. 

7. #JunkTerrorBill

Photo by JL Javier/CNN Philippines

After the president labeled the approval of the Anti-Terror Bill into a law as urgent, his cronies in the senate decided to fast-track hearings. Masses took to social media to express demurral over the bill’s nature and deemed it unconstitutional since approval of this bill constitutes silencing the masses’ expression of dissent. It was evidently part of a strongman’s playbook and the public was quick to call out the alarming decision of the government. 

8. Late Nights with Duterte

Screengrab from Duterte’s press briefing last June 30

Whenever the president announced that he would address the country to give COVID-19 updates, major broadcasting media informed the public on the time he intended to push through with the conference. Yet, he showed up a few hours late numerous times. These addresses have not only failed to give concrete plans to the public, but have also been the root of many issues because of the president’s failure to show tact and outright empathy in his statements.

9. USTrashtalkan

Photo by Aliah Danseco/TomasinoWeb

The Facebook group that brought entertainment to a lot of students, albeit short-lived. From quips about stereotypes of every faculty or college to witty jokes about quintessential Thomasian experiences, this group has given a lot of laughs. But because of its scurrilous nature, the school administration disapproved of it. Thus, group members were forced to leave and are now only bound to cherish USTrashtalkan’s repartees. 

10. Dalgona coffee

Photo from Asian Food Network

Dash of sugar. Sprinkle of coffee. Exceptional wrist strength. Loads of patience. These are the key ingredients in making the famous Dalgona coffee. Often referred to as the ‘quarantine drink,’ this beverage has been on the top of almost everyone’s DIY list during the quarantine. Originally from South Korea, this drink is basically milk topped with coffee foam, which gives us coffee shop vibes at home.

11. E-numans

We reminisce on those times when it’s already past 12 midnight and we are lurking around Morato or BGC, managing to walk across the seemingly blurry streets. These are the moments most of us truly miss, but we can’t relive it yet since the curfew and liquor ban is in effect. It has pushed friend groups to Zoom and other video conferencing platforms to drink individually at home while still enjoying interesting conversations through video calls.

12. Care reacts

Photo from

Facebook has been known to give updates whenever timely. Now that we are globally battling a pandemic, they released the care react button on Facebook and a purple heart react button on Messenger. In times like these, where physical contact is not advised, these reaction buttons help in showing your care for others.

13. “My heart went oops!”

Photo retrieved from

The rates of TikTok videos we see on a daily basis drastically rose since ECQ was imposed. Among a handful of trends from this video sharing platform, videos with the all-too-familiar track gained popularity as they usually showed a girl in plain clothes transitioning to her all dolled up.

14. Instagram bingo

Photo from UST Artlets Student Council (ABSC)/ Twitter

As you flipped through Instagram stories, a lot of bingo templates have been used by numerous people. The templates usually included events that are encountered in a particular topic, with some that are personality-focused, wherein you had to encircle the traits that pertained to you. Some examples are ‘Thomasian Bingo: AB edition,’ ‘Eats around UST,’ and ‘The Tea in MBTI.’

15.Rose and Ed

Recently attracting the interest of Filipinos, this couple from TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé has dominated the bird app. Clips that have surfaced on Twitter tell the story of how Ed traveled to the Philippines to meet the love of his life, Rose. Through her amusing facial reactions and the story’s hilarious turns of events, the couple has given a ton of laughs to viewers.



Cramming Playlist: Buzzer Beats

Yeah, it’s big brain time.



Artwork by Ayeesha Panotolan

The most dreadful time of the semester is here and with it comes every student’s best friend: cramming. We all know that it’s an ineffective and unhealthy way to retain information. Yet, we still choose to condense weeks worth of lectures into hours of late night study sessions because it somehow still gets the job done. 

Studying in the wee hours of the morning means you need something to keep you and your brain awake and functioning. Below, we’ve compiled a playlist that will surely get those neurons firing as you burn the midnight oil.



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12 tweets hyping up the Lady of Sorrows pubmat

And the Grammy goes to… Chromatica!



"Lady of Sorrows" poster grabbed from the official Facebook page of the University

Today, the University published a poster commemorating the day of the Lady of Sorrows. As a Catholic university, it has always been a practice of the University to publish publicity materials about the Catholic Church’s feasts, traditions, and holidays. However, the Lady of Sorrows poster had more to offer other than the photograph of Mama Mary. What does the Twitter-verse have to say about it?

Here are some tweets that that hyped up the Lady of Sorrows pubmat:

1. An iconic upgrade.

Comic Sans MS is nowhere to be found! 

2. And the Grammy goes to… Chromatica!

I know you’re rooting for this iconic album too.

3. Ah, ah, ah!

The Lord and Mama Mary love us like that! 

4. Time to hype the party!

Wait, are we going to cry or…?

5. Time to light these bad boys up.

They said to each other, “Did not our hearts burn within us while he talked to us on the road, while he opened to us the Scriptures?” (Luke 24:32)

6. And she spoke of the truth!

It really does, I swear.

7. There’s an uncanny resemblance, right?

Aren’t we all inspired by someone or something?

8. Don’t you just miss the good days?

Time to bust out those moves soon, sister.

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9. Sing it with me!

I’m a hundred percent sure you sang the next lines!

10. *Saves to Pinterest board*

Don’t tell me I’m the only one who did this.

11. Response?

We’re going to need the energy UP tonight.

12. Stream Papuri sa Diyos Remix

Prepare your dancing shoes! You’re going to bust some moves.

Whether one is religious or not, everyone can admit that the pubmat is comical yet well done at the same time. Today, Twitter truly had a laugh while touching up hints on pop culture references. All jokes aside, may we celebrate what the 15th of September is truly about: the day of the Lady of Sorrows.

And together we say, “Amen”.



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The 12 types of people in quarantine

We’re pretty much sure you’re #8 in the list.



Artwork by Patricia Jardin/TomasinoWeb

The pandemic has kept people indoors and isolated from their day-to-day lives. While cabin fever set in for some, others have thrived in being able to stay in the comfort of their homes. 

Being productive while in quarantine has been a major challenge for everyone ever since it began. With normal workflows being disrupted, we had to find ways to keep our minds working amidst the recent events that have taken over the world. With that said, being productive isn’t just about continuing the grind, it could also mean finding the time to heal in all aspects of our lives.

These limitations gave birth to personalities that we did not know we had; for others, the personality they wished they could always show. Here we list down the different types of people in quarantine.

1. The news bulletin

Source: GIPHY

There might be some who feel burdened and tired by the daily news cycle, but these people are not one of them. Glued to the TV or the updates on their phones and computers, they’re the kind to stay on top of the news as it happens. These people are the ones we rely on for updates, even if it means talking to them is like listening to primetime news.

2. The health secretary

Source: GIPHY

Going hand-in-hand with the news buff, these are the types of people we can trust with the latest safety tips and tricks against the pandemic. They keep up-to-date with recent studies, at-home advice, and ideal precautions to keep themselves and everyone safe. Like the news bulletin, we can rely on them to help inform us on how to stay safe during this pandemic.

3. The quarantine entrepreneur

Source: GIPHY

Quarantine brought upon limitations, but these people have found business opportunities while at home. They’ve created different products or services that people can make use of while at home. For some, it has also been a way of helping communities by donating portions of their sales to charities and relief efforts. From delicious desserts to affordable online services, these people have kept on the hustle during the quarantine.

4. The house executive

Source: GIPHY

While the lockdowns meant work had to stop for most, these people continue the work at home. Often seen in an online meeting in Zoom, Teams, or Meet, they carry on with their job in what some argue to be a less stressful environment. At the same time, they also become sources of entertainment in calls when random background events occur.

5. The (at-home) gym rat

Source: GIPHY

Who said you had to skip your summer bod this year? With more time indoors than ever before, these people prefer to use their time to whip their body back to shape. Having less distractions, they’ve managed to find a workout plan to stick with using all the equipment at their disposal.

6. The quarantine chef

Source: GIPHY

If there was anything we loved watching more than comedy skits and dance challenges, it would be cooking videos. With people spending more time in the kitchen this quarantine, more recipes have come out to inspire our quarantine chefs to put their aprons back on. We can bet on these people to wow us with their cooking on our tables or on our smartphones when they post their cooking online.

7. The vlogger

Source: GIPHY

While most people are content with enjoying content, these people have been inspired to make them. You’ve probably seen some of your friends start a YouTube channel during this quarantine period and maybe even shared their videos in support. These people make their quarantines more interesting by exploring their creativity and producing content for friends, family, and the world to enjoy.

8. The TikToker

Source: GIPHY

Perhaps the young and hip cousin of the vlogger, these are the people who have decided to get in on the trend and produce TikTok videos. Similar to previous platforms like Vine, TikTok makes it easier to produce fun and quirky content that’s much shorter than its YouTube counterparts. Whether it’s TikTok dances or comedy skits, these people have joined in on the fun on the trending social media platform in their spare time.

9. The Netflix guide

Source: GIPHY

If the last two entries featured people who make content in quarantine, these people are the ones more content with consuming them. Finally having the time to sit back and go through their Netflix library, these people have become very reliable guides for what movie or show to watch next. Whether you’re looking for heart-wrenching dramas, light and witty romcoms, or serious and brooding thrillers, they’ve got just the thing for you.

10. The digital shopaholic

Source: GIPHY

Lockdowns may have caused malls and shopping centers to temporarily close, but these people have decided to take their business elsewhere. They find themselves spending most of their time browsing through flash deals and free shipping specials looking for the best deals. With packages coming in on almost a daily basis, these people have endeared themselves to the delivery crew in their area.

11. The Zen master

Source: GIPHY

Being at home this quarantine means you get to be in the one place you’re most familiar with. While others try to stay active physically, these people use the comfort of their homes to engage themselves mentally and emotionally. They’re the ones we probably don’t hear a whole lot from this quarantine but when we do, it’s often to hear realizations and reflections about themselves and the world around them.

12. The couch potato

Source: GIPHY

Perhaps the most recognizable and most relatable, these people are the ones that just enjoy the break from it all. These people simply enjoy sleeping in, staying in bed, or just relaxing in their own little spaces. They relish in the simpler things in life, choosing to just take a good break from all the work and stresses that they’ve had before.

The pandemic has left us with a constant feeling of uncertainty about our future. Monthly bad news and toxic arguments in social media have made us feel bogged down and burnt out. 

Regardless of the means, what’s most important is that we take care of ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. Whether that’s by doing physical and mental activities or simply taking a well-deserved break, what matters most is that we keep ourselves afloat. 

At the end of the day, our part in staying at home is the best we can do to not only help ourselves but also everyone around us against this pandemic.


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