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2020 by the trends: A look back at the year’s saving grace

If YouTube won’t do it, then we will.



Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a hectic year for everyone. Not only have we witnessed some of the most tragic events this year, but also felt the ever-looming feeling of melancholy from being stuck at home. As we move forward to 2021, it’s time we take a step back and review this year’s trends that have helped us push through our battles.

Screengrab from HyperBeard

The year started with the mobile game Adorable Home being virtually present in everybody’s smartphones. It didn’t matter if it was your atekuya, or even your tita. They all had their fair share of cuddly and furry friends inside their pockets. The simulation game even took over local Twitter by storm when Filipino users started posting their virtual homes with the hashtag #AdorableHomePH. Its simple yet cozy nature is what made it such a hit that even I couldn’t resist giving it a try. As a cat-lover myself, I approve of Adorable Home taking up the number one trend of 2020.

Photo courtesy of Justin Bieber

When Bieber released “Yummy” as a single, it was hard to find an audience that appreciated its rather questionable lyric choice and music video. From there on, everybody already set their expectations with how his comeback album is going to sound like. In hindsight, Justin Bieber’s fifth studio album “Changes” did have some fresh apples that were evidently better than the ripe ones.

With songs like “Intentions”, “Habitual”, and “E.T.A” proving to be the album’s redemption arc, “Changes” received mixed reviews from critics and polarizing opinions from fans and non-fans alike. It may have also come to these results as Bieber’s last album, “Purpose”, was generally liked by most people. While “Changes” may not be a solid candidate for album of the year (basing solely on critic reviews), it was still a big hit on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram where quarantined Filipinos jammed to “Yummy” and “Intentions”.

(Photo courtesy of Andrew Webster/The Verge)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons felt different right from the beginning. To some extent, it shared similarities with Adorable Home since both are simulation games that were perfect to play while cuddling your pillow on the sofa. New Horizons did something different as it was able to captivate Switch owners and non-Switch owners alike. One factor that may have contributed to its hype was the eight-year-long anticipation of its avid fans.

When the trailer dropped for the Nintendo Switch, the world paused as they were witnessing history unfold. And when it was finally released, it broke records for both the console and the Animal Crossing franchise. Nintendo Switch owners around the world put their collective effort to keep New Horizons at Twitter’s top trending for at least two weeks. A live and bustling community of gamers in quarantine spent their time customizing their virtual island and living in a fantasy world that was COVID-free.

Photo grabbed from My Food and Family

South Korea attempts to start a trend, they succeed and it goes viral, then it makes headlines. At this point, who’s even surprised when it’s from South Korea? It began trending when South Korean actor Jung Il-woo stumbled on the beverage in Macau. Right after netizens drooled over what he ordered, they immediately turned it into an overnight trend on Instagram where photos of their Dalgona Coffee were seen in every scroll and swipe. But who can blame the netizens for turning this beverage into a worldwide trend? When a drink looks like it was made in cream heaven, there’s no way you’re passing on it.

Dalgona Coffee also became a hot topic in the Philippines as recipes and tutorials for the drink became April’s most searched terms on Google Philippines. Dalgona Coffee continues to be a trend as latest as of August with BTS members RM and Jimin reviving the drink’s popularity by featuring it on one of their V Live streams.

Screengrab from TLC

This list wouldn’t be complete without the infamous segment of Big Ed and Rose in TLC’s reality TV show, 90 Day Fiancé. Often featured in the biggest YouTube channel, PewDiePie, we all know how this went. Countless memes and videos have been made that paid homage to Big Ed’s rather unpleasant presence on the show, and Rose’s mean but witty reactions to Ed’s antics. PewDiePie’s contribution to this trend’s popularity is undeniable, and he, for the most part, jump-started its presence in social media when he uploaded a series of reaction videos to their segments. It’s hard to not pity Rose due to Ed’s negative demeanor on the show, but it’s good to know that she is doing well herself following the show’s episode finale of their segment.

Screengrab from BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That” official music video

After a year-long hiatus, BLACKPINK definitely owned the month of June as their comeback single, “How You Like That,” became KPOP’s standards when it comes to record-breaking views, popularity, and social media presence. The South Korean girl group broke their first record by hosting the biggest YouTube premiere with 1.65 million awaiting viewers. They proceeded with another record-breaking view count amounting to a total of 86.3 million views in 24 hours. With all these record-shattering numbers, BLACKPINK’s sphere of influence continues to echo strongly outside of the KPOP community. With numbers and fans only rivaling that of boy band BTS, BLACKPINK is unquestionably on its way to international domination as well.

Photo courtesy of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift surprised the world with the drop of her eighth studio album “folklore”. It was Taylor Swift’s breakaway from her forte that is Pop, and where her unparalleled skill for songwriting was discernible. The album is considered Swift’s finest and sophisticated work yet. And who can say that the album is not a masterpiece? Everyone on my timeline and their stories were of “folklore” which did not come as a shock to me. I cherished “exile” and “cardigan” as they were refreshing to hear after months of new releases from Pop and Hip-Hop artists.

Taylor Swift then dropped another surprise album for us, which might as well served as her Christmas gift to the world. Her ninth studio album “evermore,” released on December 11, yet again showed how her craft and talent for lyric-writing resonated with the critical acclaim its predecessor has garnered.

Screengrab from BTS’s “Dynamite” official music video

BTS goes boom with their explosive release of “Dynamite” — which, just like BLACKPINK’s comeback release, broke a lot of records. It just seems that every new drop from BTS breaks the internet in some way. Funnily enough, most of the records that BLACKPINK set with “How You Like That” were succeeded just after two months by BTS’ “Dynamite”.

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As of writing, “Dynamite” sits as the most-viewed YouTube video in the first 24 hours. With how BTS has evolved into one of South Korea’s “Elite 4”, it should come as no surprise that they are breaking their own and other South Korean group’s records. “Dynamite” became their first all-English single. Because of that, they were able to integrate Asia’s best into America’s mainstream media. BTS will continue to dominate the world with their inevitable takeover in North America.

Photo by Miguel Tomás on Unsplash

Every new release of Apple’s iOS is starting to look like a national day of some sort. This is no different from iOS 14’s release, arguably one of the more fresh updates from Apple. The update introduced quality of life changes, new emojis, and finally, some customization that users can fiddle with like widgets and custom icon packs. It almost felt like a community day on social media when iOS users gathered around and shared their customized iOS 14 home screen setups. There was no way you did not stumble upon an iOS user sharing their thoughts about iOS 14 when it dropped.

What’s the big deal, you ask? Well, Apple’s iOS and macOS updates are distinctive with how it makes users feel like they are part of this big family which no other operating system, even on PCs, can achieve. It’s fascinating when you think about it — people waiting until midnight for an update on their phone. If this was anything before 2015, it would seem absurd. But fast forward to 2020 and September has, unofficially anyway, become “iOS month”, where people would hold their breaths for the latest iOS update.

Photo courtesy of Innersloth

Ah, yes. Among Us. Everyone’s favorite social deduction game. When I say everyone, I actually mean everyone. Not only does your ate or kuya enjoy Among Us, but probably even your mama and papa have played or at least have heard of it. For those out of the loop, Among Us is a free online multiplayer social deduction game that was released in June 2018. Some may scratch their heads and wonder, “2018? Then how come did I only hear of it this year?!”. Despite being a 2-year-old game that was hidden deep in the depths of Steam and mobile app stores, Among Us made a roaring entrance when it started to pick up real pace in September of this year.

What made Among Us surge in popularity is its beginner-friendly vibe and its unlimited potential for replayability. Every time you play Among Us, a million different things can still happen (even if it’s with the same set of friends). This is due to its gameplay that does not solely rely on players just mashing buttons. It asks players to think outside of the box and come up with alibis that they will need to either type or explain to their friends over voice comms. Its exposure to social media helped it climb up to the mainstream. Big names like DisguisedToast and PewDiePie posted their fair share of gameplay where they played alongside big Twitch/YouTube names like Pokimane and Corpse.

Among Us ended 2020 with 2 trophies from The Game Awards, which were “Best Mobile Game”, and “Best Multiplayer”, even beating out Riot Games’ First Person Shooter VALORANT in that category.

Photo courtesy of BBC

Just like with anything that has to do with the USA, the world watched closely as Joe Biden dethroned Incumbent President Donald Trump. Even if you do not give two cents as to what happens in the USA and its elections’ outcomes, the memes, controversies, debates, and eventually its impact will all make their way to you.

Being one of the world’s superpowers, it’s understandable why the US Elections are always a hot topic as world leaders and citizens alike wait for what’s about to come. This also became a significant event due to the circumstances that it happened upon. The US Election took place amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and sociopolitical movements, like Black Lives Matter, were all factors that affected the polls greatly. This also marked the significant time where an astonishing amount of Generation-Z (8–23 years old) took part in the elections. Polls suggested that over 65% of Gen-Z voted for Joe Biden. The news rippled its way to the Philippines where Filipinos shared their thoughts and encouraged their own youth to also take part in #Halalan2022. Looking forward to our elections in 2022, we may also witness our history unfold as, slowly but surely, the youth makes waves to ensure that we all get to take our part in the elections.

Photo courtesy of Hajime Isayama

Attack on Titan (AoT): The Final Season made waves when its trailer dropped in May. Now that it’s finally here, the general consensus of fans is that it’s the best thing that happened in 2020. Hajime Isayama’s unparalleled skill for writing the most shocking plot-twists and multiple-layered story-telling gave AoT its credibility as one of, if not, the best anime to ever come out in recent years.

AoT has set the standard for what anime story-telling can achieve, and as we continue to unravel the secrets of Eldia, Marley, and its universe, expectations may be shattered once again. As we “Sasageyo’’ our way to 2021, AoT finds its stride by delivering us heart-breaking yet vigorous moments. With the anime series looming into its final days, we may finally get the answer to the heated question: is Eren the protagonist or antagonist?

2020 is full of heartaches and misery. We have come to accept the fact that merely a week is left for 2020, yet there seems to be an abundance of bad news with no stroke of good luck. While the trends listed above may have alleviated some of the loneliness that surrounded the year, real issues such as COVID-19 and sociopolitical adversaries are still present. Bringing these into 2021 may or may not break another blank slate of what could be a great year.

As for the trends, we may witness a partial resume to our “pre-COVID” lives as vaccines are becoming widespread. The first half of the year may be a continuation of 2020 as educational institutions such as the University of Santo Tomas have announced that Distance Learning will still be implemented while we wait for a vaccine to come. The second half though, as the saying goes, only time will tell.



How ‘Attack on Titan’ revolves around the compromise of freedom and revolution

‘Attack on Titan’ is not your typical zombie apocalyptic genre. It’s an experience, and it has changed.



Screengrab from ‘Attack on Titan’

‘Attack on Titan’ is not your typical zombie apocalyptic genre. It’s an experience, and it has changed. 

Through one of my major classes, I grasped the role of diplomacy and foreign relations as I slowly began to outgrow prejudices I’ve had with my own country and other countries. When we see our coexistence with the world, we see how we’re not different from the rest. How catastrophic would that be if we chose to resist openness and turn a blind eye to see both the good and ugly realities of the world?

Questioning morality and freedom is perfectly contextualized in the immaculate storytelling of Isayama Hajime’s ‘Attack on Titan’. First released in 2009, the highly-acclaimed fantasy-action shounen manga and anime has drawn many fans on an international scale, living to its hype and success through its consistency in fusing elements of action, fantasy, horror, and thrill. The plot circulates over Eren Yeager, who vowed to save humanity by killing all the Titans, the gigantic humanoid antagonists that have devoured humans, and his mother. However, as the story progresses, its archetypal shounen narrative of simply defeating the Titans shifts towards significant themes of politics, war, philosophy, and history intertwined. 

It tactfully combines emotionally-driven arcs paired with music that enforces ferocity, nationalism, tragedy, and despair. Each frame and panel is gracefully animated with precision, reflecting the artistry and dedication of the creators in cultivating the series’ magnificent world-building. The abundance of subtexts and relevant themes is portrayed through allegories, symbolism, and critiques of humanity’s adverse upbringing. Fair warning: anime spoilers ahead!

*Trigger warning: Mention of violence, human experimentation, and trauma

Historical Revisionism, Racism, and Fascism: The Tragedy of Reiner Braun 

Screengrab from ‘Attack on Titan’

As we perceived the world through the universe of Paradis, we’ve rooted for the Eldian protagonists left to save the last of humanity within their walls. We were introduced to the Marleyans, who presented themselves as a larger enemy than the Titans. Unbeknownst to the Eldian protagonists, the entire world ostracized them as the “devils of the Earth” after their ancestor, Ymir Fritz, gained the power of the Titan through a deal with the Devil and propagated the grim Titan war. Oppressing nations through the Titans’ blood lineage and ethnic cleansing for decades, the Eldian upheaval was successful when the Marleyans finally conquered the world by obtaining 7 out of 9 Titan shifters the ability to transform into a Titan and a human. 

Due to indoctrination and Marley imperialism, relentless hate and discrimination were spewed primarily against the Eldians within the walls of Paradis. Weaponizing the Titans for world domination, human experimentation, and slavery was a pervasive punishment for the Eldian refugees to atone for their ancestors’ sins. 

Screengrab from ‘Attack on Titan’

Reiner Braun was an Eldian Titan child soldier that was a victim of the Marleyan propagandistic mission that sent off candidates to infiltrate the Eldians of Paradis (they deemed as the Evil Eldians) to obtain the Founding Titan, the supreme ability to take control over the Titans. In a horrifying betrayal, it was revealed that Reiner and Bertholdt Hoover were the traitorous Titan shifters that nearly annihilated humanity years ago when they breached Wall Maria. Being disguised as a Survey Corps comrade has resulted in Reiner’s split personality, causing him to be torn with guilt between his soldier and warrior persona. After realizing that the Eldians are just normal as them who faced the same human conflict, and not the ‘devils’ the Marleyans made them be, he struggled with being a double-agent. He was just another victim of the fascist propaganda that brainwashed children to bring victory to their nation. Regardless, you want someone to be held accountable after they have slaughtered bloodshed and exterminated irreplaceable lives. If the Eldians would have won the war, would they have made themselves the heroes that have slain the evil as well? If so, which historical narrative is right? Who do we side with? 

As it highlights the damage of the glorification of military and fascism, ‘Attack on Titan’ performs a penetrating and coherent approach in alluding to the complexity of prejudice and war, the importance of history, and understanding different perspectives through Reiner’s narrative. 

Military Censorship, Class Struggle, and Corruption: Levi Ackerman and Erwin Smith’s Enigma

Screengrab from Attack on Titan

As the Marleyans thrived in power, domination, and technological advancement, our protagonists faced boundless struggles of gloom and melancholy due to endless casualties and issues within Paradis. The three walls, Wall Maria, Wall Rose, and Wall Sina, divided the lower class, upper class, and royalty. While the Survey Corps zealously dedicated their life to saving humanity and protecting the royalty, the Royal Government put a premium on protecting their positions in the class hierarchy while being apathetic towards the lower class and refugees. Here, corruption was rampant as they were gatekeepers of true information on the outside world and resources. Their misuse of funding has resulted in class struggles and the impoverished seeking refuge in the Underground City, a crime-ridden district where Levi Ackerman was initially from. After his mother passed away, his uncle Kenny raised and taught him the essential defense and knife skills. Though he was groomed as a notorious heist member, his skills were put to good use when Commander Erwin Smith recruited him in the Scout Regiment. Levi and Erwin helped overthrow the corrupt regime through a coup d’état and emancipated progressive change with recrowned Queen Historia Reiss when they created an orphanage for the Underground citizens with proper allocation of the Royal Family’s budget. 

Despite their quintessential role as revolutionary soldiers and leaders, the series never fails to humanize their characters, representing their emotional state in the face of powerlessness and helplessness. In Levi’s troubled background, his misdemeanor has transformed into one of the most significant developments of someone who replaces apathy with care and respect by defending the collective masses, pulling the destitute from the rear end of the class hierarchy, and placing his comrades before himself. Even on the brink of death, Erwin zealously places his life on the line in upholding utmost leadership, eradicating military censorship, and practicing dignity in fighting for humanity relentlessly. 

Morality and Freedom: Eren Yeager and the Axiom for Freedom

Screengrab from ‘Attack on Titan’

“If we kill our enemies on the other side, will we finally be free?” He asks, aimlessly staring at the ocean. 

The one-dimensional persona of Eren Yeager as the main character was continually challenged from his linear ideals of attaining freedom and revenge to learning the complexity of the world on the other side of the walls. From tormenting events of betrayal, trauma, and dehumanization, his aphorisms of vowing to kill the Titans to save humanity and using the Titans for his extremist ultimatums of freedom have displayed his development as the protagonist and antagonist of the story. His moral ambiguity allows him to accept that he is only special and significant because he has Titan powers. Disappointed by the existence of other humans and civilizations beyond, all he could think about was the enemies on the other side as he reached the ocean he once longed for. The innocent look of a simple boy that gleamed with a hunger for discovery and justice is now a cyclical, manipulative, and mass-murdering enemy, with all the hatred the world has thrown upon him. 

I find it dramatically complex and beautiful when the disruption of loyalties and ideologies are placed on a threshold when former enemies and friends turned their back on him to save the world, while he turned his back on the world to save them. 

Either way, it risks someone’s life and ends in pain, which can be similarly contextualized with the philosophical dilemma of the Trolley problem. Will you push the lever, saving the five and killing the one? Or will you simply watch the train continue on its path, hence killing the five?

Illustration by Jesse Prinz on

Before it surfaced as a meme, Philippa Foot sparked this influential question in 1976 and was commonly raised in moral ethics and psychology. While the majority chose the “greater good”, professors made each prompt more personal and emotion-driven by exemplifying someone we were close to on the tracks. In this sense, Eren chooses to save who he is closest to, in order to be truly free and end the curse of endless chaos, rendering the death of millions. But can we blame him after the whole world celebrated while the Paradis Eldians endured monsters and hell inside the walls and were denounced as the enemies? 

The fallibility of identifying the true heroes and villains leaves the audience with an overwhelmed sense of uncertainty, as different perspectives and layers are presented.  But maybe, that is Isayama’s genius discernment — to make us think. The character’s different upbringings, environments, and ideologies show that there is neither a good nor bad guy. Every act is justifiably done for what they see as the common good in their eyes like two sides of the same coin with a different definition of justice. However, is it too late to change and find the midpoint? 

Although humorous yet unfortunate, the ongoing pandemic made several people compare the Titan serums to the contention of the elite getting the cream of the crop of the COVID-19 vaccines exclusively while the underprivileged get the short end of the stick. Even in the face of the most abhorring adversity, plague, or monsters unleashed from hell, it is the frailty and corruption of our human nature that turns us into our own enemies, winding in a repetitive cycle of chaos — to keep moving forward until our means meet the end. 

From the Game of Thrones to the Walking Dead, we hope that ‘Attack on Titan’ won’t fall into the same hole of critically-acclaimed series that eventually slump into a dissatisfying finale. As anime watchers howl in excitement for every action scene, manga readers anticipate for things to fall into place. Watch Eren’s Declaration of War against the Marleyans and the world in the ongoing season finale! Will he finally achieve freedom or be a slave to the pursuit of freedom?

See you, when this sublime and unmatched tale is engraved in history, 2000 years from now. Mikaela Gabrielle de Castro


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Why new year’s resolutions don’t always work out

If your resolutions made it to this week, congrats. If not, here are some reasons why you chose to ditch them. 



Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Whenever ancient Babylonians crowned or asserted their loyalty to their king, they promised to the gods that they would pay their debts or return things they borrowed. If they keep their end of the bargain, favor would be bestowed upon them. This pagan ritual is said to be the precedent of our annual New Year’s resolutions.

A new year calls for new beginnings. With everything we’ve gone through last year, it’s no strange fact that we all badly want to turn over a new leaf. At this point, our social media feeds are most likely filled with ‘New Year, New Me’ posts along with dozens of resolutions that claim to be effective and easy. But no matter how realistic we set them to be, we still end up bouncing back on old habits. 

If your resolutions made it to this week, congrats. If not, here are some reasons why you chose to ditch them. 

1. Your goals overwhelm you

We all want to be the best versions of ourselves this year. Not only do we set the bar too high, but we also set too much for ourselves. By the time we attempt to begin some resolutions, we tend to give up after a few tries because we have too much on our plate. We have so many things we want to accomplish, yet we have so little time, which can be stressful rather than rewarding.

Your goals don’t have to be as many as that of a grocery list. Prioritize setting resolutions that are sustainable despite how few it may seem. These can include waking up early, cleaning your room once a week, or having a 20-minute study break. Also, instead of carrying out your resolutions all at once, try to divide them into weekly or monthly goals. Just because you wrote them on the first day of the year, it doesn’t mean you have to start them right away. Working at your own pace would greatly help in escaping the stress of having to do so much in one day to the point that it feels like a chore. Remember, quality over quantity. 

2. Your resolutions are too restrictive

Whether it’s trying out a fad diet or limiting your shopping expenses, they are both goals that bar you from things that satisfy your inner psyche. Sure, you may end up sticking to it for a few days or weeks. But once you begin to feel that void of serotonin, the next thing you know, you’re checking out items from your cart in Shopee or Lazada’s monthly sale. 

Restrictive goals tend to be unsustainable because they alter our normal behavior, which is why we inevitably break them. Instead of imposing limits on your habits, try to make them more inclusive. Having trouble maintaining your weight? Take the healthy route and choose foods that are rich in nutrients and minerals. Losing weight doesn’t have to be quick and easy. Feeling guilty about your purchases? Splurge on items that will actually benefit your daily lifestyle such as space organizers and home essentials, not those decors that will only end up gathering dust in your room. Believe me, you don’t need a mini statue of an astronaut cat. 

3. You do it alone

Most resolutions tend to fail because we lack motivation or commitment in achieving them. It can also be difficult when you try to change habits on your own and the people around you have lifestyles that work against it. One way to prevent your goals from going down the drain is having someone to share those goals with. As they say, two are better than one. 

Changing for the better with others promotes a mutualistic relationship where both parties equally benefit from each other. Together, you can keep track of your goals and make sure that you don’t end up cheating your way out of it. Having that boost of encouragement from others would definitely increase your chances of success and make activities even more fun. So if you’re still crafting your resolutions for this year, reach out to a friend or two. If not, try joining support groups on Facebook. Who knows? You might find people who share the same goals as you do. 

4. You are not the problem, your resolutions are

When writing down our resolutions for this year, we tend to focus on goals that would help enhance our physique such as exercising everyday or sticking to a strict diet. These will surely appease all the fitness gods, but in reality, we still find ourselves eating junk food while watching Netflix or cooking pancit canton at three in the morning. 

More often than not, we find ourselves setting goals that focus on what we should be doing rather than what we want to do. We tend to set our resolutions based on other people’s expectations like getting that post-quarantine body or having that aesthetic lifestyle for the sake of bragging about it on Instagram and TikTok. So, instead of being better versions of ourselves, we only end up creating another manufactured persona for everyone’s liking on social media. Talk about real-life ‘Nosedive’, huh? 

If you know exercising at the crack of dawn is not your cup of tea and you’d rather want to spend those hours bundled up in your bed, then go ahead and don’t do it. The only thing stopping you is your own urge to conform to other people’s standards. 

5. You only focus on one side of the coin

Typical resolutions focusing on finance and fitness are materialistic. Some may argue that having tangible goals is better because seeing it unfold before their eyes leads to greater satisfaction. However, they merely encapsulate our attempts to pursue happiness indirectly. 

Cliché as it may sound, gaining happiness directly through simple actions outweighs all the taxing and tedious goals we try to set up. 

Start by being more grateful. Remind yourself to say thank you for the simple things and to the people you meet. To the security guard who opened the door for you, say thank you. To your friends who made an effort to reply to your messages, say thank you. Better yet, take time out from your busy schedule everyday to write a few things you are grateful for. It can indeed be difficult to stay optimistic considering the situation we are in right now, but a simple gesture goes a long way in benefiting your mental health for the better.

Resolve your worries by forgiving. In the past year, we’ve all had things or people that really tested our limits as a person. Carrying that grudge throughout this year would not only be burdensome, but would also take a great toll on your well-being. It may seem difficult to do but it can go two ways: forgiveness towards those who wronged you and forgiveness towards yourself. While working out enhances your physique, forgiving improves your self-esteem and relationship with yourself and others. We’ve already had our fair share of toxicity last year and the last thing we want is for it to persist and make us feel worse than we already are. 

We all have high hopes for the new year and our resolutions are a reflection of that. As we gather in prayer circles, we manifest that 2021 would finally free us from the desolation and anxiety that the past year held us with. With that said, I think that one of the best resolutions we can write for ourselves is to get through this year safely and healthily. May this, along with all the resolutions we wrote or are about to write, allow us to step out as improved individuals for the better. 


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New Year’s Eve Playlist: House Party

It’s time to bust out your dance moves.



Artwork by Patricia Jardin

It is finally time to bid adieu to 2020. Our current circumstances may have put our usual new year traditions to a halt. But being able to conquer all the ups and downs we’ve been through this year is enough reason to still celebrate.

Whether you’re leaping into the new year with your loved ones or cuddled alone in your room, you’ll need a soundtrack to close this year. Release all your worries and wishes as we welcome 2021 with hope and positivity.

It’s time to bust out your dance moves.

From all of us at TomasinoWeb, happy new year!


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