Form, Function and Class – Philippine Web Design Conference

Hundreds of web designers and web developers participated in the Philippine Web Designers Organization’s (PWDO) 2-day Form Function & Class web design conference last September 11 and 12 at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati City.

The program kicked off with Regnard Raquedan, PWDO’s President by giving a witty yet informative opening remarks as he introduced the first speaker, Dan Matutina, co-founder of the Ideals Creatives. Matutina presented some of the web design trends that are getting popular each day, sharing tips on how to create winning ideas – from inception to execution thru an engaging fun-activity where he gave the attendees a run-through of the stages of designing a website with Filipino mythical creatures as the theme.

Liquid and Liquid Creations, a brand design firm, followed to show the importance of having a brand. “We are now on the conceptual stage,” Liquid and Liquid Creations Brand Design Specialist John Leyson said. He emphasized how branding works and why an individual or a company should create a brand leading them to success.

Rico Sta. Cruz, Chief Web Developmentologist of Sinefunc Inc., gave an introduction to HTML5 and CSS3. He showed how these new coding techniques can change the web and how to easily implement it. Sta. Cruz also cited some resources that can make CSS3 and HTML5 less painful and even gave a live demo where he created a web app from scratch using CSS3 and HTML5.

Jason Torres, the software engineering director of ProudCloud, wrapped the conference’s first day by giving an inspiring talk on how to start your own company. He shared his experiences on how he got into his current position after failing for several times.

The first day ended with a blast as Wishbone Media sponsored an after party at ROBOT Lounge and Restaurant where a banquet of delicious food and drinks were served. It was really fun night with great music and a cool atmosphere.

On the second day, JP de Guzman of Rain Creative Lab showcased his knowledge on Javascript and how to utilize it with other technologies such like Adobe Flash, a proprietary technology commonly seen in interactive websites. He emphasized that it is possible to create hybrid webpages that uses both JavaScript, HTML and Flash.

Next speaker was Hugo Manila’s Co-founder, Andrei Gonzales who gave a talk on mobile web development. He introduced an interesting approach in developing websites called the ‘Hands per Device’, wherein developers and designers should consider the ways people make use of devices that does not depend on the screen size but on the number of hands they need for operation.

Allan Caeg, Senior Product Development Manager of US Auto Parts introduced ‘Balsamiq’, an amazing tool for creating wireframes for creating mockups faster and more efficient which requires no coding skills. Caeg demoed to the attendees an easy way to create wireframes on the app; afterwards, the attendees were then tasked to create a wireframe of a website for a wireless broadband provider. 

Capping off the conference was Brian Tenorio, international consultant for Branding and Design of Asian Development Bank, who gave a refreshing talk about the future of design. He shared interesting ideas and ways on how to innovate – by simplifying, seducing and socializing.

According to what Tenorio said, the proposal regarding the Philippine Design Council to be in the government is a MUST because almost every country has that, and the Philippines still doesn’t have one. The council should exist to set standards for designs, and to help other Filipino designers.

All in all, This event was truly a success which made a huge noise in both circles of the designers and the developers, making local web design and development community alive.

By Daryl Tulay

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